Voltaire Residence

Vue du château de Ferney, au Couchant, Signy del. 1764 Enkcre de Chine, Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale.

La Sainte cène du patriarche likely date 1772-1773, by Jean Huber, at Voltaire Foundation, Oxford, England
The Chateau Ferney

Voltaire left the court of Frederick the Great of Prussia in 1753. He wanted to return to Paris, but was informed that Louis XV did not want him in Paris.

Voltaire purchased a home near Geneva that he called Les Délices and in 1758 purchased the Chateau Ferney.

Top Picture  Voltaire turned his estate into a productive farm. He purchased the best farming implements and tools and hired people to work on the farm. He planted orchards and many kinds of trees.

Left  Voltaire added rooms to each side of the building. The left wing had his study and a small dining room. Mme Denis, Voltaire's niece, entertained guests while Voltaire worked during the day. Her rooms were in the right wing.

Voltaire often stated that he was the innkeeper of Europe. There was no inn at Ferney and visitors were invited for dinner and stayed overnight. There were often as many as 40 guests at the chateau.

Visiting Voltaire's Home

The Château de Voltaire is located a few miles from Geneva, Switzerland.

Information on tours is available from the Ferney-Voltaire Office of Tourism

Château de Voltaire
BP 5 - allée du château
F-01210 Ferney-Voltaire

Map of the city of Ferney-Voltaire

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